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Ergonomic Options That Keep Me Computing

July 8, 2008

This is only loosely related to software testing…being some of the things that keep me healthy while I do it. This started as an email template, which I’ve sent to many friends and colleagues at their request – enough that I decided it was worth posting here:

The Goldtouch Adjustable Keyboard is what I use at work, and like it a lot. I found it to have next to no learning curve. I know others who prefer the Kinesis Contoured Keyboard…which friends say takes up to a week to learn to use, but I know a couple folks who my keyboard did nothing for, and who love these.

My biggest advice for folks though is to try several options out, and (for folks in the SF Bay Area) Office Relief is a great place in San Leandro to do so.

Again, very personal, and trying out options is definitely the way to go. What I’ve settled on is a fairly traditional mouse on my left, and an Evoluent VerticalMouse 3 on my right. Some days I use mostly one or the other, most days I switch between them. Note, I was excited to try their left handed version, but it is still at v2 and I really didn’t like the way it fit in my hand.

Taking Breaks
The last thing I’ll say is that the single most helpful ergonomic adjustment I’ve made is software that helps me to pace my breaks. There are good free options for PC (Workrave) or Mac (Anti-RSI). Both are very configurable.