We’ve read James’, Mike’s and Jonathan’s compelling arguments for using mnemonics to keep useful testing heuristics at the tip of our tongue. But where, I ask you, can one find heuristics that rhyme?

In anticipation of National Limerick Day (May 12th), I humbly suggest using Limeuristics.

I’ve written a handful to get us started:

There are those who say testing’s a bore
And the moment they start it they snore.
Now my secret I’ll tell:
If you learn to test well
You’ll discover a thirst to explore.

A tester I know (who loves bisquits) –
Her peers thought her gifted by mystics.
“You’ve got it all wrong,”
She’d explain to the throng.
“It’s just that I use good heuristics”

Certifications are always a-fruitin’
To make resumes highfalutin’.
If they don’t certify
What they try to imply –
Our craft, I’m afraid they’re pollutin’

Every tester at times gets contusions
When their findings leave egos with bruisin’s.
But don’t say we’re unkind
For the things that we find
We must test to dispell our illusion

…and finally, with thanks to Chris McMahon and “the man from Japan” for the inspiration:

A limerick ’bout testing sublime
Should have meter and rhythm and rhyme
But I might bend a rule
While a bug I pursue
So don’t be surprised if I decide to add a boundary test into the last line.

Have a very happy National Limerick Day. If you have a Limeuristic you’d like me to add to the list, I’d happily add yours as well.



3 Responses to “Limeuristics”

  1. Pradeep Soundararajan Says:

    That’s nice Jeff. I liked it.

  2. Dee Says:


    That’s lovely, I’ll be printing out your limerick for inspiration at my desk! [she says as she gingerly rubs one of those contusions] Glad I finally made it to your blog…it’s been a few crazy weeks since the conference! Hope life’s been treating you well since Seattle. 🙂


  3. armatearjun Says:


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